Perfect for bio-medical applications where removal of the medical device is not necessary

responds at body temperature

Eliminates any requirement of external stimulus


Our SPMs are recyclable and re-processable; thus, do not impact the environment

About us

A perfect material for biomedical devices

SMP Materials Inc. developed a tunable biodegradable shape memory polymer (BSMP) which has extensive applications in different medical devices.

We offer multiple products and operate in the biomedical segment of the market. Our shape memory polymer has an excellent shape memory recovery.

Our product portfolio contains surgical splint, sutures and staples, dental wire, embolization coil and stents.

Our Products

We have developed a novel tunable Shape Memory Polymer that activates around body temperature, has excellent and reliable shape memory properties, and is biocompatible and biodegradable. Our strategy is carefully orchestrated to take into account the regulatory barrier that surrounds any medical applications. We will start with a low regulatory barrier product to generate positive cash flow and slowly climb the regulatory barrier ladder to capture the most profitable segment of the biomedical market

Medical Splints

Our SMP-based splints provide patients with a comfortable and customized fit.


Our dental products include dental- wires, dental impression materials and mouth guards (Gum shields).


Our sutures and staples simplify the application in procedures with limited space or visibility, are biodegradable and heals wounds faster.

Stents & Coils

Our SMP-based stents do not require removal as they are biodegradable. Therefore, patients avoid unnecessary surgeries.


We have products in different medical device segments including dental, wound healing, and cardiovascular

Our Management Team

Our management team has extensive experience in managing both small and large buisinesses. We have business, scientific and technical skills to lead the company.

Dr. Arash Mouradzadegun


Prof. of Organic Chemistry,

Sahar Etemadi


MSC in Medical Physics

Mehdi Hajihosseini


Entrepreneur., Sales and marketing specialist

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